International Conference on Sports Engineering (ICSE-2021) in India, in association with FICCI and with technical support from ISEA (UK), from 21-23 October 2021

Accompanying the world-class conference there will be a range of activities like Keynotes, Plenary lectures, State of the Art Workshops and Interactive Ph.D. symposium to broaden the experience of those attending

Sports, as we know it today, can hardly be separated from technology. Transfer and integration of knowledge from a diverse discipline is required to assist sports. The interaction of young members from the sports and engineering fraternity is expected to fuel a drive towards self-reliance in sports related technology. A number of presentations by renowned sports engineering researchers are planned as part of the conference and workshop, essentially showcasing their ongoing research work. These should be very inspiring for our budding engineers attracting them towards research related to sports, its development and entrepreneurship.


The aim of the conference is to bridge the gap between Engineering, Technology and Sports in order to provide a collaborative platform enabling share of domain knowledge for mutual benefit.

  • To encourage research in Sports Engineering and strengthen manufacturing industry to ensure quality of sports products.
  • To enhance the flow of knowledge between engineering technology and sports industries
  • To bridge the gap between sports industry and academia for improving sports infrastructure and facilities
  • To support Government and Industry by promoting domestic equipment manufacturer and enhance technology for sports development.

Engineering educators, Researchers, Students, Physical education teachers from universities and colleges, Sports policy makers, Members of the regulating bodies like UGC, AICTE, CBSE, NCERT, Professionals from industries, Sports goods & equipment manufacturers, Entrepreneurs, Service providers.

A pre-conference Workshop will be organized on 3rd March 2022, the first day of the conference. It is planned to conduct demonstration on hands-on application on sports training during the same. This workshop is specifically designed for all sport practitioners: Physical education teachers, Students, Coaches, Athletes and also for Engineering who would like to know how to apply the engineering & science in sports.

Duration: Two hours

What The Workshop Is About
The workshop is intended to help participants to incorporate a technology aided framework into their existing sport lessons and trainings. This will equip them with deeper understanding of the essential components of technology in sports as it is practiced, calculatedly design sporting activities and add value to professional activity.

The workshop will cover
• Practical Demonstration of Values-based training session
• Motion capture and concepts of sports biomechanics in applied sports training.
• Exercise techniques of using exercise machines for sports and fitness training.
• Refreshing change on exercises (Dos and don'ts) including science of breathing during exercises.
• Wearable devices used in sports training for tracking performance or injury risk in real-time

Who can participate in the workshop?
Attendance to the Workshop is open to delegates registered for the main conference, paying an additional fees of for the workshop along with conference registration charges. The fees is nominal, Rs. 500/- for Indian delegates while $30/- for foreign delegates. Please Note: One cannot opt to register for the workshop only without the registration for the conference.
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    • Engineering educators, Researchers and students can connect their area of expertise and knowledge in sports development which will enable them to undertake research in relevant field, offer/develope course on sports engineering in their respective institutes.
    • Physical education professionals including coaches will know how to improve sports facilities indigenously through affordable and innovative way and to ensure quality of imported sports products including synthetic flooring, its installation and maintenance.
    • Professionals from industry will learn to keep abreast of emerging new technologies and innovations in sports and can interact with the international professionals.
    • Entrepreneurs and Sports Goods/equipment manufacturers would learn about the upcoming Technologies and market trend. They can also collaborate with technical institutes for jointly developing sports equipment.

    The ummed ,Jodhpur, Rajasthan

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